Computer science is a vast field that deals with how computers work and how to use them according to our needs. While ECE deals with the operation of basic electronic components and how they can be assembled to make electronic circuits that can manipulate electrical signals according to our needs.

How computer is helpful in protected cultivation?

How computer is helpful in protected cultivation?

In PC, the environmental conditions, temperature, humidity and light during the growth of the plants are partially or totally controlled. See the article : Computer and electronic recycling near me. This control helps to protect the crop from the vagaries of nature and pest attacks, increases the supply of carbon dioxide for growth, lengthens the production period and therefore increases yields.

What are the applications of agriculture? GPS-based applications in precision farming are being used for farm planning, field mapping, soil sampling, tractor guidance, crop exploration, variable rate applications, and performance mapping. GPS allows farmers to work in low visibility conditions such as rain, dust, fog and darkness.

How can computer science help agriculture? Farm computing Farmers need to monitor and react to the climate and the market for their products. They need to optimize performance, reduce waste, maintain food security, and understand environmental impact, interaction with suppliers, and product delivery throughout the FSC.

What are the three applications of computer technology in agriculture? Computers in agriculture have three different applications, each of equal importance. Statistical analysis of research data. Decision making with recommendations. Routine summary of facts and preparation of reports, costs, etc.

How is electronics and computer engineering?

How is electronics and computer engineering?

Electronic and computer engineering is the integration of electrical and computer engineering to develop computer systems. This may interest you : Computers and electronics store. Computer engineers are also involved in the hardware and software aspects of computer science, where the Master also wins the M. Tech.

Is electronics and computer engineering good? The scope of electronic and computer engineering is good for the private sector as well as the government sector. The placement is also very good in these branches compared to others.

How do electronics and computer engineering relate? Electronic and computer engineering is the branch of electronic engineering that deals with the effects of electrons to build components, devices, systems, or equipment. … Electronic and computer engineering is the integration of electrical and computer engineering to develop computer systems.

What is the difference between EEE and ECE?

What is the difference between EEE and ECE?

Where the difference arises is: EEE is Electrical Engineering and ECE is Electronic and Communications Engineering. The EEE involves the study of electronics and electricity, while the ECE involves the study of electronics and part of communications. In major companies, EEA demand is higher than ECE.

Which has more ECE or EEE math? The calculation in EEA is more.

What is an EEE or resistant ECE? ECE is easier than EEE. Many EEA subjects do not have a local textbook and several reference books may need to be consulted to learn. ECE is fairly straightforward, with local books available and coaching classes for many subjects.

Is the EEA or the ECE better? Electronics and communication (ECE) is more software-oriented, while the EEE is a basic topic dealing with machines. The EEA has more scope in the private sector while the EEA has more scope in the government sector. Simply put, if you are interested in coding, ECE is best for you.

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How computer science is related to agriculture?

How computer science is related to agriculture?

Computer science can help cultivate the food, fuel, and fiber of the future through smart farming. … The challenge: to find high-tech solutions to revolutionize agricultural techniques to make agriculture more reliable, more productive and more efficient.

What are the uses of the computer in agriculture? There is software that helps to predict weather conditions and estimate agricultural production. Computers are used to keep records of information related to costs involved in production, transportation, agricultural processes, and in estimating and calculating profits and / or losses.

What are the five uses of agriculture? 10 Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria

  • Production and supply of food for human consumption. Among the basic needs of man, food comes first. …
  • Raw Material Supply. …
  • Employment. …
  • Environmental protection. …
  • Preservation of species. …
  • Foreign exchange. …
  • Boost Export. …
  • Livelihoods.

What are the disadvantages of computer in agriculture?

One of the worst drawbacks of technology in agriculture is that it reduces soil fertility. With excessive use of technology, soil in the fields damages and reduces fertility. Fertilizers and chemicals can increase the rate of production, but slowly damage soil fertility.

What are some of the negative impacts of technology on agriculture? Impacts on soils: Crops reduce soil organic matter, making soils less able to absorb and retain water and more prone to erosion and runoff. Impacts on greenhouse gas emissions: Crops increase CO2 emissions by causing SOM decomposition and soil erosion.

How are computers used in horticulture?

The horticultural industry is highly dependent on the climate, which affects not only crop yields but also ripening times, nutrient supply and the emergence of pest and disease problems. The availability of computers has led to the development of computer-based decision support systems (DSS) for horticulture.

How is a computer used on a horticultural farm? COMPUTING TOPICAL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FOR REVIEW Source of information on best agricultural practices. Search tool for the best markets for your products and the cheapest suppliers of agricultural inputs. Product / agricultural marketing tool. Means for transactions that include EFT by farmers.

How are computers used in horticultural companies? The computer is able to control the application of certain fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides through automated delivery systems. The computer also allows the precise application of water through irrigation systems. The computer activates and deactivates the irrigation according to the needs of the crop.