Keep it short and informal. Before the meeting starts, let your team know that there will be a quick introductory gathering, so there will be no agenda. When you are in the room, explain a little about yourself. Consider using business storytelling to communicate your values ​​and what you are trying to achieve.

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What are three key factors to consider before arranging a meeting?

What are three key factors to consider before arranging a meeting?

However, we find these three key: See the article : How to hold meetings.

  • Have the right people at the table. Assess the meeting goal and decide who must be there. …
  • Have an agenda that reflects the meeting goals. Let the participants know in advance what is to be covered and by whom. …
  • Have a specific time limit.

How is intercultural competence developed? Developing intercultural competence involves systematically observing and critically reflecting on our own, our students ‘(and their parents’) behavior. Although there are several models of intercultural competence, basic components consist of three basic elements: attitudes, knowledge and skills.

What is intercultural competence in education? Intercultural teaching competence is «the instructor’s ability to interact with students in a way that supports the learning of students who are linguistically, culturally, socially or in other ways different from the instructor or from each other, across a very broad definition of perceived difference and group. ..

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