Click and drag the second audio file and place it either above or below the first audio file. This will stack the audio files and they will both play at the same time. We will need to adjust the audio levels to make the layering of the audio files comfortable to listen to.

Why can’t I join clips in iMovie?

Why can't I join clips in iMovie?

You can only rejoin the clips if you have not made other edits in the meantime, such as trimming dead space. Splitting the split clips will merge the segments, and then import the merged segments back into iMovie. This may interest you : How to record audio with iphone. You can create a help project for the purpose.

How do I merge videos side by side in iMovie? Launch the iMovie app and start a new project. In the timeline, select and add the first video clip, then click the “plus” button on the left to add another video clip. Tap the More icon with three dots, then select the Split Screen option from the drop-down list. Now you should see the videos play side by side.

Why can I not participate in two clips in iMovie? Part 2: Consolidating Clips into iMovie on Mac After splitting the clips, hold down Shift and select the clips to collect to highlight them. Go to Edit, then select Join Clips, and you will see that the clips are merged into one.

How to merge clips in iMovie? To import more videos, click the File menu in the menu bar and select Import Media … from the resulting drop-down menu. Once you’ve imported all your videos that you’d like to merge into one video file, drag and drop them onto the timeline. If you do, all your video clips will be merged into a single video.

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How do you overlap audio in iMovie on iPhone?

How do you overlap audio in iMovie on iPhone?

To overlap audio in iMovie, first select the audio clip you want to overlap. Then use the Selection tool to drag the end of the clip you want to overlap to the beginning of the second clip. To see also : What is 3d audio. You can also use the “Command + J” shortcut to connect two clips together.

How do you overlay audio in iMovie on iPad?

How do you overlay audio on Iphone video? Add a soundtrack or theme music

  • With your project open, tap the Add Media button, then tap Audio.
  • Tap Soundtracks. Soundtracks to be downloaded are displayed with a Download button next to them. …
  • To add an audio track, tap it and then tap the Add Audio button that appears.