when you talk about creative photography, the field is wide open. … Creative photography contains an extra element (or elements) that are deliberately used to enhance the photo from its original state. This definition includes two important aspects that differentiate creative photography from everyday photography.

Why is it important to document your artistic process?

Why is it important to document your artistic process?
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Artists are essential to remember our collective cultural history. To see also : How to describe artwork. Documenting yourself in the present allows you to be a part of future history, whether for the benefit of your family or friends or for future people trying to understand and discover the past.

What does documentation mean in art? In art documentation, as in modern society as a whole, a document is typically seen as evidence of a fact. In art documentation, that “fact” is generally a particular work of art or aspect of an artist’s life. Examples include photographs of works, contracts and correspondence.

Why is it important to document your design process? Documentation helps you organize and deliver your thoughts to actors, which in turn helps them understand how your design decisions meet user needs and their own business goals. Designers need to find a sweet spot between business goals and user needs.

What is the artistic process good for? The artistic process is, without qualification or quantification, the most effective planning, problem solving, decision making, relationship building process available to any art organization. It may be the most effective process available to everyone.

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How do I take pictures of artwork on my iPhone?

Artist: 8 Tips for Photographing Artwork Using an iPhone This may interest you : How to scan artwork for prints.

  • Shoot photos in JPEG format. …
  • Consider the background. …
  • Find the good light. …
  • If there is no good light, create it. …
  • Focus on the Phone. …
  • Adjust the brightness. …
  • Keep your phone as steady as possible. …
  • Play with Editing Software.

How can I take good pictures of my artwork on my phone?

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What is the brushstroke app?

Brushstroke is another type of drawing or painting app developed by Code Organa to help users transform their images into high quality images. Read also : How to showcase artwork on steam. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices.

What is Waterlogue App? Waterlogue (US $ 2.99) is a universal iOS app from Tinrocket, LLC’s John Balestrieri and Robert Clair that does one thing – transform your photos into watercolor-like images – very well.

Is BeCasso app free?

Discover new ways to work with images and let your creativity flow – with BeCasso. To see also : How to scan art. Download the app and use it now for free!

How much is BeCasso? BeCasso ($ 3.49 monthly or $ 79.99 one-time fee) Many professional photographers use this app.

Ass Prisma Photo Editor for free? The app is free to try for yourself (for now), so if you are an iPhone user who wants to dazzle your own photos and art, go to the iTunes App Store. Android users can now also get Prism.

What is the best watercolor app? If you want to turn your photos into watercolor paintings, you can not go wrong with Waterlogue. In just a few seconds, this photo for painting app turns your photos into incredible works of art!

Why are paintings considered to be documents?

In art documentation, as in modern society as a whole, a document is typically seen as evidence of a fact. In the art documentation, the & quot; fact & quot; is generally a particular work of art or an aspect of an artist’s life. Read also : What artwork do i look like. Examples include photographs of works, contracts and correspondence.

Is art considered a document? In addition, any given document can provide evidence for a number of things. As such, any art can be considered a document, and any art documentation.

What kind of document is an image? Visual documents and artifacts Visual documents contain photographs, films, images and other works of art. Because visual documents capture moments in time, they can provide evidence of changes over time.

How do you take good pictures of a sketchbook?

Place the clean glass on top of the sketchbook and make sure you do not create any reflections by holding your phone over to take your photo. This may interest you : How is artwork valued. Keep your camera at the same angle as your graphic to minimize the chance of your image appearing crooked or distorted.

Why do my drawings look bad on camera? If you are inside and there is not that much light, the shutter speed has to be open longer to let in enough light from the small or less bright light source. … The longer the switch is open, the longer you have to stand still and the higher the chance of camera shake, which can make the image disappear.

What makes a good sketchbook page? Images should support the theme of the project and should not represent a random collection of unrelated themes. The sketchbook should contain a range of media and materials as appropriate for the project and the specialty area.