Generally, you should spend $ 40 to $ 50 a day. The rest of western to central Europe is relatively cheaper. France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium have similar food and beverage prices, while Switzerland is slightly more expensive (thanks to the Swiss franc).

How much should I budget per day Europe?

How much should I budget per day Europe?
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How much money do I need for 3 weeks in Europe? If you’re talking about a daily budget (sleep, food, sightseeing … without an Interrail ticket), I’d say at least € 50 per person per day. Read also : How far will a 9mm travel. So 3 weeks = 1000 euros per person, plus Interrail and years.

How much money do you need to travel to France? On a holiday in France, you should spend about € 186 ($ 217) a day, which is an average daily price based on the cost of other visitors. Past travelers spent an average of € 33 ($ 39) on meals and € 24 ($ 28) on local transportation for one day.

How much should I spend per day for Paris? How much money do you need to travel to Paris? On a holiday in Paris, you should spend about 184 EUR (215 USD) per day, which is the average daily price based on the cost of other visitors. Past travelers spent an average of € 31 ($ 36) on meals and € 17 ($ 20) on local transportation per day.

Most frugal thinkers who go to a hostel spend about $ 70 to $ 110 a day in Western Europe and $ 40 to $ 80 a day in Eastern Europe. At this level, you can travel fairly modestly and comfortably without sacrificing too much, but you won’t survive this.

How many countries can you visit in Europe in 2 weeks? Of course, there are more countries like this in Europe, but this is a great place to start when planning a trip around Europe. Although during a two-week stay in Europe we could squeeze in 3-4 countries.

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Is it cheaper to fly or train in Europe?

Estimated costs
Airline tickets $ 650
Accommodation 1,950 USD
Local transport $ 400
Sights $ 200

Are trains expensive in Europe? Europe by rail Each country has its own price structure. In general, Italy is relatively cheap to travel by train, just like the Czech Republic. To see also : How to travel galapagos islands. Germany and Switzerland are quite expensive, so a joint trip is quite representative of what you will find in Europe.

What is the cheapest day to travel around Amtrak? Smart prices: Amtrak publishes special routes every week with 30 percent discounts on buses. Ticket prices are posted on Tuesdays for purchases over the next four days and for trips during the week that begin next week and end after three weeks.

How easy is it to travel around Europe by train? Traveling around Europe by train is easy, comfortable, scenic and efficient. Compared to flights, your travels will be easier and more comfortable – in addition, there is a much lower risk of being caught up in the extra cost of luggage or check-in!

During a vacation or business trip, the cheapest way to get there often is by plane. Despite all the regulations, infrastructure, overheads, and employee, flying is often better than rail travel in terms of price. One region where the sky in the wallet is often lighter than the railroad is Europe.

How to Buy Cheap Train Tickets in Europe |

  • Book return trips – you would save money if you booked both departure and travel at the same time.
  • Use Railcard – in most countries in Europe you will find different versions of the national Railcard that can save you money on rail prices.

A half-way ticket is cheaper than a train ticket. On most routes, the longer you buy a ticket in advance, the smaller the price difference. For routes operated by low-cost carriers, it is not surprising that flights are cheaper than trains.

How much does an Eurail Pass cost? In 2021, the cost of an Eurail Global Pass purchased directly through Eurail starts at $ 303 for second-class tickets and $ 403 for first-class seats for a four-day ticket in one month for adults. A 15-day unlimited adult ticket currently ranges from $ 545 to $ 726.

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What is the cheapest country in Europe to visit?

5. Which country has the lowest cost of living in Europe? A: Ukraine has the lowest cost of living in the EU region, where you can find a one-bedroom apartment near the city center for 200-300 USD. To see also : How to travel galapagos islands. Utilities, food trade and other basic goods are also cheaper compared to other European countries.

How can I travel to Europe on a low budget?

The late autumn and winter months – from mid to late October to mid to late March – are often the cheapest time to fly to Europe (although prices may rise in December). It is often cheaper to fly to Europe in the middle of the week, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. See the article : How to visit zion national park.