For breakfast the Dutch also like to eat yogurt or milk with muesli or oatmeal or Brinta. Oatmeal or Brinta along with milk is a more traditional Dutch breakfast that has long been unpopular as a breakfast, but has gained popularity due to the health benefits. It is combined with fruits and / or nuts.

Is Amsterdam cheap to visit?

Is Amsterdam cheap to visit?
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Amsterdam is a bit expensive compared to other cities. This may interest you : What do like to do for fun. Accommodation and attractions are both expensive, so you may want to spend just a few days here if you have a small budget.

How much does Amsterdam cost for tourists?

How much money do you need for Amsterdam every day? How much money will you need for your trip to Amsterdam? You plan to spend around € 133 ($ 157) a day for your holiday in Amsterdam, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors.

What can I do with my girlfriend in Amsterdam?

10 Best Things to Do for Couples in Amsterdam This may interest you : What do like to do for fun.

  • Tour the canals by pedal boat.
  • Cinema Pathé Tuschinski.
  • Explore Amsterdam by bike.
  • Bimhuis.
  • Westerkerk.
  • Vondelpark.
  • Van Gogh Museum.
  • Day trip to Bollenstreek.

Is Amsterdam romantic? Amsterdam almost looks like an open-air museum and the landscape alone is already super romantic. Especially at night, if you just walk along the canals with all the beautiful lights. It’s magical! … Even some things to do in Amsterdam that should be in your bin are romantic.

Is Amsterdam safe at night?

Is Amsterdam safe at night? Amsterdam is pretty safe at night. But always remember that crime usually happens at night in quiet places where no one can see you or help you. To see also : What to do at home for fun. For women and men, follow my advice: don’t walk alone in the park at night.

Is Amsterdam safe after dark? One of the areas to avoid in Amsterdam after dark is the city’s infamous Red Light District. While it is full of all kinds of people during the day, the area attracts a much larger population at night, including pickpockets and drug dealers.

Is Amsterdam safe to walk at night? Most Amsterdam neighborhoods are safe to walk on – even alone – with a few exceptions. One place to avoid dusk is the Red Light. While it is full of all kinds of people during the day, the area attracts larger visitors and wanderers at night.

Is 3000 euro a good salary in Netherlands?

For the whole of the Netherlands (excluding Amsterdam surcharge): around 3000-4000 euros gross per month, which is usually (taxes and social security premiums) between 1500-2000 euros net in hand. On the same subject : What fun things to do at home.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in the Netherlands? A family of four estimated monthly costs are $ 3,526 (€ 3,046) without rent. A single person’s estimated monthly costs are $ 988 (€ 853) without rent. Cost of living in the Netherlands is on average 8.82% higher than in the United States. Rent in the Netherlands is on average 11.76% lower than in the United States.

Is 3000 euros net of a good salary in the Netherlands? Originally answered: Is 3000 € / month a good salary to live in a major Dutch city (except Amsterdam)? Yes 3000 Euros would make you live comfortably. However one thing can be very different that many Dutch companies provide a rental car.

Is everything closed in Amsterdam on Sundays?

Generally the hours of Amsterdam shop are from 9:00 to 18:00. … Have late night shopping on Thursdays until 9pm but close earlier on Saturdays at 5pm. On Sundays, although many shops are closed, you can still find shops open in the city center, Kalverstraat, Damrak, Leidsestraat, and close to Noorderkerk.

Are bars open in Amsterdam coronavirus? Restaurants and bars can be opened to maximum capacity, and all events will again be allowed with a pass for coronavirus.

Do shops close on Sundays in the Netherlands? In the Netherlands, shops can be open on weekdays and Saturdays from 6:00 to 22:00 hours. … Your shop must be closed on Sundays and the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Monday, Ascension Day, Pentecost Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Is Amsterdam a party place?

Many of Amsterdam’s most popular clubs are located around the outskirts of the city, but nightlife in central Amsterdam is mostly crowded in two major locations: the Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. Both offer a variety of venues, including dance clubs, bars and casual clubs popular with local students.

Is Amsterdam busy at night? After the quiet early evening hours, the streets and squares of Amsterdam are again very busy at night.

Is Amsterdam a good place to party? It’s no secret that Amsterdam is the place for EDM. If you want to dance to music, then there is no better place to dance at night. You’ll find many of the world’s best DJs (many of whom are Dutch) breaking melody after melody at mega clubs open until the sun comes up.

What is the main shopping street in Amsterdam?

The two main shopping streets in the city center of Amsterdam are the Kalverstraat and the Leidsestraat.

Where is the main street in Amsterdam? Damrak is the street connecting Amsterdam Central Station to Dam Square. It was originally a straight stretch (rak) of the river Amstel that was digital (at what is now the dam square) leading to the name. The river then filled up and transformed into the street.

What is the famous street in Amsterdam? P.C. Hooftstraat Everyone in the Netherlands knows this street. It is certainly one of the best shopping streets in Amsterdam and probably even the country. The P.C. Hooftstraat is the most luxurious street on this list. Many world famous celebrities buy here!

How much money should I take to Amsterdam for 3 days?

Re: How many Euros should I bring to Amsterdam for 3 whole days. 100 a day for you two must be in order. Most places will let you pay by credit card so you can easily carry much less money.

Is 3 days in Amsterdam enough? Three days in Amsterdam is more than enough time to see all the major sights of the city, plus go outside the city for a quick day trip. Here are some tips to do and see if you’ve been in Amsterdam for 72 hours or more.

How much does a trip to Amsterdam cost? The average price of a Weekend 3-day trip to Amsterdam, the Netherlands is $ 1219 for a solution traveler, $ 2072 for a couple, and $ 2682 for a family of 4 hotels. , while Airbnb rentals will cost you $ 119 a night for the entire apartment.